Slash Fail Despite Hot Chicks

Okay, so this is my first slash parody. It's a crossover of Star Wars and the film that inspired it, Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. Considering the otherwise tantalizing pairing of the Princess characters, I guess the only real fail here is in the ending.

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Informercial Love

"You're gonna love this. This works wet OR dry!" Vince Shlomi declared just before he buried his tongue in Billy Mays' hairy man-cleft.


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(RIP Billy Mays. :( )
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Every time I hear reference to Paul Ryan and the Wiener Mobile, I imagine some very wrong Paul Ryan/Anthony Wiener slash. I want it out of my head. Gah!

The Making of Jack-ass IV

Here we are. Yet another night at the bar.

Steve-o watched with concern and a little disgust as Chris and Bam tried to race each other to the bottom of a bottle. Ryan's death hit them all really hard, naturally, but it clearly hurt Chris and Bam the most. Those two need to get a grip, he thought. Well all miss Ryan horribly, but I swear those two are trying to join him...

His thoughts were interrupted by shouting. "Wadaya mean, no?" Bam yelled.

"You heard me," the bartender said wearily. "I'm cutting you two off. If you want to kill yourself, find another damn bar."

"Fuck this shit, I can drink at home. Chris, wanna join me?"


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A Mirror Darkly - Chapter 1 [ Wincest ] [ NC-17 ]

Title: A Mirror Darkly

Type: Slash, first time, lost episode, oneshot

Rating: NC-17

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing/s: Dean/Sam, Wincest

Episode Setting: Sometime after Lazarus Rising (Season 4)

Word Count: 1849

Summary: While Sam might reluctantly admit to wanting to have some of Dean's qualities, Dean would never admit the same towards his little brother. Ironic then that mysterious magicks of some sort cause each of the Winchester brothers to wake up with a little more in common with their sibling counterpart than they would like. Ironic yes, and also very unexpectedly devious and naughty.

( A Mirror Darkly - Chapter 1 )

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Author: taikatiuku
Title: This Time We'll Be Good
Fandom: Original fiction
Pairing: Max/ Sam
Rating: NC-17
Words: 8097
Summary: Max and Sam seem like a normal pair of brothers until well hidden feelings surface. Their fragile relationship ends badly, but what happens when Max gets another chance to make things right? Are they going to be good this time?
Warnings: Brothercest, violence
A/N:Inspired by Muse's ExogenesisSymphony Part 3.

Part 1 - taikatiuku.livejournal.com/531.html#cutid1
Part 2 - taikatiuku.livejournal.com/869.html#cutid1
Part 3 - taikatiuku.livejournal.com/1051.html#cutid1