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Tentacle pr0n!

Hi! I'm a new member with a long history of reading weird and disturbing slash pornography. Everyone needs a hobby, right? ;)

Anyway, thought I'd share this with you - it's probably among the most wrong things I've ever written. It's H. P. Lovecraft slash. Yes. Lovecraft slash. Written for a friend of mine way back when. If you feel you're brave enough, here it is...

Title: Completion
Author: ms_katonic
Fandom: HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos
Pairing: Azathoth/Nyarlathotep. Yes, you did read that right.
Rating: NC-17, funnily enough.
Warnings: Formless and insane interdimensional horrors mating. What more warning do you need?
Summary: At the source of all things, the blind idiot god, Azathoth, rages.  But there is one entity in this soulless universe that can bring a brief respite.

( Here Be Monsters )
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